Venture builder & Early investor

Altarence is a Venture builder and an early stage Investor working with you from the very start in focused selected Business domains

Investments are indeed made in start-ups or spin-offs at very early stage. Altarence helps setting up the initial frame and develops the ventures with founders all the way up until enough Value is created, allowing then succesfully reaching out to VC Funds for further growth

Minority shareholding is usually foreseen

Altarence thus provides seed financing and operational support at the very start, when operational risk is high, when we find your project has high potential but still needs to be matured, in a nutshell when access to VC funding is not yet feasible (your “Valley of Death”) or not advisable (sub optimal valuation)

We will exit when you feel comfortable on your own, when substancial capital has been further injected by Investment Funds and your Team is fully structured, including Leadership. Time to exit can thus vary from case to case and project maturity.


We are "Do-er's" and work with you

Altarence provides “down to earth” practical operational support in term of

  • Coaching approach / Team Leadership / Monitoring to develop the business in a fast track mode ("Emergency Wheel", "Time is the Essence", "Watch out your Cash Burn")
  • Business Strategy and defining together the best suited business models, Market research, Segmentation, Value proposition, Smart approach
  • Business Development, finding and attracting First Customers - "Activate Network", enlarging customer base
  • Scale up, Pilot, finding the right partners (Equipment, Site, Engineering, ..)
  • Finance – hands on collaboration in structuring business flows, building the Business plan, defining financial needs, Equity / Debt balance sheet best structure, Tax set up
  • Contractual – close collaboration and effective support in creating the company basics, building a solid legal framework, including IP approach
  • Strategy for next Funding rounds (BA, VC Funds, Serie A, ... ), Pre Money valuation, benchmarks, Pitch communication

At Altarence, we are “Do – ers” and problem solvers, we work with you on your challenges and never give up until we elaborate the best possible solution.


Your company is global from the start

Although focus is of essence for a startup, we offer when relevant to your business a potential for fast track Internationalization, thanks to a large network incl. Asia, as a “lift” for your accelerated international growth. Each company can be seen as “global” from the start. No precipitation but a sound staged international development, going where most promising customers and growth are!