Together we will overcome initial challenges and make your project a success

Strategy and approach     

Altarence is a Venture builder and an early stage Investor with a long term perspective. We grow our portfolio gradually in limited selected Business domains. No short term approach based on pure financial criteria.  Altarence develops bottom up into an industrial "boutique" holding with direct investments into highly innovative partner companies or indirect through platform joint-ventures.

Investments are indeed made in start-ups or spin-offs at very early stage. Altarence helps setting up the initial frame and develops the ventures with founders and managers all the way up to success and long term viability. No divestment foreseen a priori. We are a team for the best but also when conditions become adverse, we are your partner in the race.

Minority shareholding is usually foreseen. You must feel comfortable with the level of our stake. The company remains "yours"!

Altarence provides the seed financing and operational support at the very start, when operational risk is high, when we find your project has high potential but still needs to be matured, in a nutshell when access to classical funding is not feasible (your “Valley of Death”)

In practice

Financing is provided from our own capital. For each project we will organise our own capital increase and ensure our own financial stability. Projects are selected based on an attractive concept and early laboratory / prototype positive results, possibly before full pilot phase. We are supporting your early development and building of initial IP. For us, very important is to get passionate about your idea and potential. Dream and pragmatic reality together!

We also activate our network to help you secure first customers or achieve certain important objectives.

We will then partner with you in the search of the best suitable investment firms for the appropriate funding of next developments steps.

We are "Do-er's" and work with you

Altarence also provides “down to earth” practical operational support in term of

  • Business Strategy
  • Finance – hands on collaboration in structuring business models, defining the business plan and financial needs, balance sheet best structure, tax set up
  • Contractual – close collaboration and effective support in building a solid legal framework for the company, including IP.
  • Market / potential customers, suppliers, partners extended network opportunities and matching
  • Coaching approach to come together to best possible solution of any problem down the road

At Altarence, we are “Do – ers” and problem solvers, we work with you on your challenges and help you find tailored solutions for the benefit of us all, we are not just coming to your Board once in a while and give some theoretical advice.

Your company is global from the start

We offer fast track Internationalization, thanks to a large network incl. Asia, we offer a “lift” for accelerated international growth of the newly created business. Each company is seen as “global” from the start, once the offer is technically stable and the product works. No precipitation but a sound international development, going where customers and growth are!